Rental Policy

Thank you for considering our buildings. In order for us to promptly process your rental application you will need to provide us with the following information:

1. Your monthly income must be a minimum of 3 times the rent amount.

2. Completed and signed application for each qualified applicant.

3. Credit check of $35.00 in money order for each applicant; payable to C.D.F

4. A minimum of $500.00 in money order to hold apartment, which will only be refunded if the application is rejected, rejections are conditional upon information. Upon being approved, you will be asked to bring the balance of the security deposit, within 24 hours. In the event you change your mind; your deposit will be applied towards the loss we incurred as a result of your change of plans.

5. If you lie on your application or do not inform the company of reasons that would disqualify you from renting the apartment such as an eviction, low fico score, etc. your deposit will be forfeited.

6. Please bring the money to be paid in money order; no personal checks or cash accepted.

7. For your application to be processed quickly all the information must be filled in, especially the correct telephone number of your current employer and landlord or resident manager where you are currently living. If you are at your current job for less than 1 year, you must give us the previous job information. If you have been in your current address for less than two years, we also need all the previous landlord(s) information.

8. Copies of Driver’s License and Social Security card for each adult.

9. Proof of income either last pay stub or a letter (on letterhead) from your employer.

10. Upon being approved you’ll need to bring in the balance of the security deposit within 24 hours.

11. Our standard security deposit is an amount of rent, providing that you have an excellent credit and more than 2 years in the current employment with pay stubs. However, if you have a challenged credit and /or get paid in cash we may increase the deposit up to 1 month rent or higher.

Download our rental application in PDF form and bring to your appointment